Corporate Governance

Information on this page is intended for investors to understand the foundations and policies of our governance.

Swala is committed to sound corporate governance and to this end, a corporate governance framework has been, and continues to be, developed and is designed to comply with the practices set out in the ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations.

Swala is committed to operating with integrity and honesty throughout the organisation and with all stakeholders and persons with whom it does business, including government bodies, business partners, shareholders and contractors. All payment and revenues are processed and recorded in a transparent manner.

HS&E Policy

Oil exploration has a comparably light footprint and, when done to the highest modern standards, leaves little trace and has only transient effects. The environments within which Swala operates in Africa are sparsely populated but often of great natural beauty. Swala recognises their sensitivity and continually takes measures to ensure that its exploration activities have minimal impact. Swala:

  • Works closely with our HS&E advisors as well as with all relevant bodies in those countries where it operates to ensure all operations are planned in accordance with current industry norms and applicable local legislation.
  • Implements rigorous HS&E management systems that ensure that its activities and those of its subcontractors are carried out to high professional standards and protect the health and safety of employees as well as the integrity of the environment.
  • Continues to develop and enforce area-specific procedures to minimise environmental impact.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Swala’s Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) encompasses the management of relationships with shareholders, employees, contractors and the communities in areas where the company works, together with the impact on society and the environment. Swala recognises it has specific responsibilities in each of these areas and considers adherence to CSR values to be a key factor in securing our long-term success. The company’s objective is to support development in local communities and to minimise the impact on the environment. Swala recognises the importance of engaging with local stakeholders and takes seriously concerns regarding oil and gas development. Working closely with host communities achieves the best possible outcome for both Swala and stakeholders.