Swala Permits_Location Map

Swala currently holds a number of exploration licenses of assets and subsidiary companies in Sub-Saharan Africa, including Tanzania and Kenya.

The company is particularly focussed on growing in the East African Rift System (EARS). Geologically, the EARS marks the location of a failed break-up of the African continent in the Tertiary. Rift systems are highly prospective for oil because high-quality source rocks are often deposited within the rift valley lakes. These lacustrine shales have very high total organic contents and are capable of generating vast quantities of hydrocarbons, particularly oil.

To date, over two billion barrels of oil have been discovered in the Albertine Graben of Uganda. More recently, there have been oil discoveries in the Ngamia -1 and Twiga-1 wells in Kenya. These discoveries have provided compelling evidence that the presence of oil in the rift systems is geographically more extensive than previously thought.